The Beer Bubbles Home Screen

Tools Used:


I found the wallpaper through Google Images; it was lively and, since I like beer, I used it. The primary inspiration was to try to make it appear that the wifi signal, cel signal, and battery status were bubbles floating in the glass.


I used ZooperWidget for most of the graphic layout. There are four separate ZW widgets: time/date, info bubbles, weather, and location. Time/date, weather, and location all use the Illuminate font, and I oriented their text to match various angles of the underlying wallpaper.

The eight bubbles in the beer glass were the biggest challenge, and I created each using three circles:

  • The first circle was solid yellow, a little brighter than the color of the beer in the glass.
  • The second circle was slightly smaller and centered atop the first circle. Its color is unimportant because I set its "drawing mode" in ZW to be clear. This causes the circle — and any elements beneath it — to become transparent. I ended up with a thin outer ring still visible from the first circle and a transparent center.
  • The third circle is on top and has the same size and position as the second. I set its color to white and its transparency value to somewhere around 20%. In my opinion this mimics a bubble's "film" or skin.

I created custom icon sets for cel and wifi signal, and I rotated them at different angles and then placed them between the second and third layer of their respective bubbles. Same with the battery and the accompanying percentage text, although I used ZW's stock battery icon set.

The screen shot accompanying this post makes the icons in the bubbles to appear a little washed out and hard to read. That's not the case on my phone — the contrast is much better.


The four icons at the bottom are plain old launcher shortcuts, not part of a ZW widget. They launch Contacts, Togglicious (a custom toggle app I created in Tasker — separate post is coming), All Apps, and Camera. I access my other most-used apps using SwipePad, which liberates my home screen from having app icons all over the place (I hate grids). Basically my home screen is only one page (although I did add a second page to hold my calendar widget).

I hope you like what I've done. Feel free to post questions/comments.

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