Some of Android's toggles can be accessed from the notification center but there are a lot of other settings and information that I wish were centralized as well. So I set out to accomplish this using Tasker, and in the process ended up creating my very first app: Togglicious.

It's not in Google Play, and I don't really have plans to post it there. But if you like what you see below, contact me and I'll email you the APK so you can install it. (I created it for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have no idea if it even works on other phones. Help me test it!)

The main screen contains various toggles for activating and deactivating sound, wifi, airplane mode, etc. There are also other icons here such as App Manager, Memory, and Mass Storage that are shortcuts that open the appropriate screen in Android's settings. The Information icon at the top takes you to four additional pages that contain further details about your wifi, carrier, system, and location statuses.

The Wifi information screen currently shows the details that were available available from my home network, but I discovered that there is more information available on other networks. I guess it depends on what the router is broadcasting, or something. I plan to review this page and see if there are other details that I can add.


The Technical information page contains some basic system details. I can convert uptime between hours, minutes, and seconds. Admittedly, this page is a little lame at the moment. I'd love to be able to import some of Android's stats from the Device Status page, but I don't know if it's possible — or how to do it.


The Location information screen is pretty self-explanatory. I like the ability to easily convert between metric and imperial measurements; that was a person triumph when I figured out how to do that.

I'm not sure why the Carrier information screen doesn't display what I would consider some basic information. My phone knows who is my carrier, but apparently Tasker doesn't receive that information. It's another thing I'll look into.


As you can see, the app isn't final yet: I still have some tweaks to make to account for some unexpected behaviour. But I'd love to hear feedback and ideas!